The Owl Mag

Project Type: Creative Leadership, Branding and Identity, Editorial, Content Strategy, Brand Partnerships, Content Management Systems

Role: Editor-in-Chief

Story: I joined my (extremely talented) friend Jason Jurgens on a creative pursuit during the early years of The Owl Mag. I came on board with a deep love for the SF indie music scene and a passion for creating a mini music community. Starting with creative oversight of an entire branding and design overhaul, I set up guidelines, training materials, a robust editorial calendar, content management systems, and credential request standards. Once these foundational elements were in place, I screened, hired, trained, and managed all writers and photographers (100+ of them), as well as initiated key brand partnerships, booked partner affiliate shows with sponsors, and weaved our homegrown brand into a trusted and respected name worldwide. 

We spread our wings from San Francisco to NYC, LA, London, and various parts of Australia and Poland during my tenure as Mama Owl of the Parliament. Though I'm no longer at the helm, The Owl Mag continues to be an influential force in music coverage and news and has truly spawned an impressive network of music nerds the world over.